ASSA and Many-Worlds

From: Jason <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 07:01:04 -0000

The Absolute Self-Sampling Assumption (ASSA) holds that some existances
are more probable than others and therefore have a greater "measure".
The consequence being that it is probable our perspectives and the
universe around us are common, likely, and exist with a high level of
duplication. I believe that ASSA might explain why we observe quantum
mechanics (assuming many-worlds), a universe which splits at an
exponential rate will have a measure that increases exponetially, as
will the observers that inhabit it.

However, if universes split in only one direction of time we should
expect to find ourselves in the last moments of the universe. For
example, if the universe state branched into two copies each second,
the last two seconds of that universe will have twice the measure of
all prior branched states. By many-worlds therefore, it should be very
surprising that we find ourselves in an apparently early phase of the
universe's life. The only reconciliation I have come up with is that
the branching histories not only occur in one direction of time but
occur in both directions. I am hoping others on this list could help
resolve this apparent conflict.


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