RE: ASSA and Many-Worlds

From: Stathis Papaioannou <>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 01:03:15 +1100

John Mikes writes:
> Stathis:
> your concluding sentence is
> " But my brain just won't let me think this way."
> *
> Have you been carried away?
> Who is "your brain" to make decisions upon you? (maybe you mean only that the mechanism of your brain, the main tool "YOU" use in mental activity, is not predesigned for such action?) So: is there a pre-design (ha ha)?
> More importantly: who is that "me" in conflict with 'your' brain?
> How do you 'want' to 'think' something (which involves your brain) when 'your brain' won't let it happen?
> OK, let's introduce "you", the homunculus, who wants to think some way and your 'brain' did not reach the sophistication of the design (yet?) to comply - as a reason for "won't let me".
> With what 'tool' did "you" WANT to "think this way"? How many people are you indeed?
> *
> I am asking these stupid qiestions in the line of my search for SELF ("I"), vs. the total interconnectedness of our personal existence with 'the rest of the world'. I expect that you may provide useful hooks for me in such respect.
> John

"I" am the product of a consciousness-generating mechanism, my brain, in the same way as "walking" is the product of a locomotion-generating mechanism, my legs. "I" am not identical to my brain just as "walking" is not identical to my legs. Now, of course "I can only think what my brain will let me think", and of course "I can only walk where my legs will let me walk", but these statements are not tautologies in the way that saying "I can only think what I can think" or "I can only walk where I can walk" are.

Stathis Papaioannou
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