Spirit, consciousness, free will and infinite nesting

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Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 10:37:42 -0000

I would like to explain further my idea according to which the spirit and
its properties, consciousness and free will, may emerge from an infinite
nesting of levels of material organizations and of approximative theories
more and more precize (see

At the first level, Descartes said : "I think, therefore I am". The
mind-spirit is seen as a transcendental unity independent from matter.
At first sight, I could consider my life as an interaction between what I am
(my spirit) and what I am not (the matter, and other's spirit) : the spirit
sends actions to the matter and the matter sends perceptions to the spirit.

We could represent it like this :
 spirit1 <---------- matter1
But is it a determinated delimitation between the spirit and the matter ?
Looking deeper, we discover that the brain (or more precisely a part of it)
is a sort of computer at our disposal, and we perceive its thoughts, we are
conscious of them. We can then say : "It thinks, and I perceive it

This could be represented by

 | perception | perception
 | spirit2 <---------- matter2 |<---------- matter1
 | ----------> | ---------->
 | action | action
Concerning free will, we could also say that it (matter2) decides, but this
decision may be influed by me (spirit2).

Perhaps we could go further and locate in the brain an area responsible of
this introspective perception, but the consciousness still remains. We
should perhaps say : "It thinks, it perceives it thinking and I perceive it
perceiving it thinking".

 | +------------------------------+ |
 | | perception | perception | perception
 | | spirit3 <---------- matter3 |<---------- matter2 |<---------- matter1
 | | ----------> | ----------> | ---------->
 | | action | action | action
 | +------------------------------+ |
 | spirit2 |
These successive "I" (spirit1, spirit2, spirit3...) are not the same but
nested kernels of our spirit, getting smaller and smaller but never empty,
and my idea is that consciousness and free will may emerge from this
infinite nesting.

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