Re: Spirit, consciousness, free will and infinite nesting

From: Saj Malhi <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 19:39:56 -0000

Earlier I wrote:
>> The
>> mind therefore remains a distinct entity and is not the physical activity
>> of
>> the brain. It is somehow a sum of the neuronal processes but is not in
>> itself a neuronal process. There is therefore no need in this argument
> the concept of 'spirit'.
[JB--] You say that a sum of neuronal processes is not the
>physical activity of the brain ?!?

[SM--] Yes, I do. It's like this: the English language, in all its
complexities and depth, is ultimately made up of just 26 letters and a
similar number of punctuation marks. But if someone were to ask you - "What
is English (or any other language for that matter)?" I do not think you
would describe it as "About 50 or so symbols arranged in various groups and
arrangements." That is not what language is. Similarly, I do not think it
appropriate to describe the mind simply as "A number of electrical impulses
firing in various sequences." It is something rather more than that.
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