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From: James N Rose <>
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 13:33:12 -0800

Brent Meeker wrote:
> If consciousness is the creation of an inner narrative
> to be stored in long-term memory then there are levels
> of consciousness. The amoeba forms no memories and so
> is not conscious at all. A dog forms memories and even
> has some understanding of symbols (gestures, words) and
> so is conscious. In between there are various degress
> of consciousness corresponding to different complexity
> and scope of learning.

That notion may fit comfortably with your presumptive
ideas about 'memory' -- computer stored, special-neuron
stored, and similar. But the universe IS ITSELF 'memory
storage' from the start. Operational rules of performance
-- the laws of nature, so to speak -- are 'memory', and
inform EVERY organization of action-appropriateness. Its
'memory' of the longest-term kind actually.

Amoebic behavior embodies more than stimulus-response
actions - consistent with organismic plan 'must eat';
but less than your criterial state of sentient awareness
 - consistent with 'plan dynamics/behaviors'.

The rut that science is in, is presumption that 'our sentience
is 'the only' sentience form' and is the gold standard for
any/all aware-behavior activity.

Sentience better fits a model of spectrum and degrees; rather
than not-extant / suddenly-extant.

Correct analoging is more challenging with the former, which is
why no AI afficionados want to give up the Cartesian Split way
of thinking and dealing with things - trying make square 'wheels'
roll in the long run.

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