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> On 18 xxx -1, Marchal wrote:
> > Jacques M. Mallah wrote:
> > >> Russell Standish wrote:
> > >> I still don't see what measure has to do with conciousness!
> > > That is the problem.
> > I don't see that either.
> > The measure is defined on the set of computations and gives the
> > relative probability of living such and such experiences.
> > It has nothing to do with the intensity of each experience.
> No one ever suggested it might, so I don't know what you're
> talking about. Measure is the amount of consciousness, and effective
> probability is proportional to measure.
> There is no reason to be confused about amount vs. intensity. If
> you want an analogy you can think of paint. Intensity, quality, or
> whatever you want to call it describes the *color* of the paint, but the
> *amount* of paint is another issue. If you have two colors, red and blue,
> the "effective probability" of red is analagous to the amount of red
> paint divided by the total amount of paint.

This is all a bogus argument. One cannot quantify conciousness -
either an entity is concious, or it is not. People like Marchal are
just using words like intensity, or amount or degree (my term) just to
refer to this quantification for the purposes of showing how silly it
is. Now you come along an introduce an arbitrary distinction between
different people's terms for an unbelievable and non-existent concept.

Again, I repeat my statement - I don't see what measure has to do with

... Rest of stuff deleted as it is even more absurd, and depends on
the above issue for it support ...

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