Re: Are we simulated by some massive computer?

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 17:16:31 +0200

At 15:59 11/05/04 -0700, George Levy wrote:


>I remember discussing this topic but I do not remember you calling me
>silly. Oh sorry you were only thinking it. Thank you :-)

You are welcome. You know on these matters we can never be sure :-)

Now when you say that the first person is all there is I am not sure it
fits nicely with
the methodology I am following. I am not sure I understand why you don't
need the UD,
given that the UD is just a nice third person description of the comp
[That such a thing could exist is a highly non trivial consequence of the
closure of
the set of programmable functions for the diagonalization: the existence of
a universal
machine. (The Post Turing discovery)]. Cf the diagonalization posts.

You could as well just say you don't need comp. (But I use comp to just
benefits from
computer science and mathematical logic taking into account Post Turing
Church ...Solovay).
The first person essentially will be an intuitionist/constructivist
machine, a self-extending
entity which goes through locally anti-symmetric sequences of knowledge states.
Physics seems to appears in the "first person plural" (where vast
collection of interacting
machines are "multiplied"), but the last discovery ---(that a quantum
logic [even an infinity*] appears in the pure singular first person pov)---
surely makes
me more open to the importance of the pure (intuitionist) first person.
Please recall me your feelings about the comp hyp in the cognitive
of mind, if you mind.
I use comp if only because my more primary goal is to show that some hypothesis
could make some "theological" question empirically testable.


* That infinity of QL (Quantum Logic) converging toward CL (Classical logics)
could be a form of *arithmetical decoherence* as experimented by all sound
Universal Machine with respect to their normal neighborhoods/consistent
You should study logic just to see the beauty. (Or the error! This material
is new,
and has not been verified by someone else. Caution.)
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