"spooky action at a distance"

From: Norman Samish <ncsamish.domain.name.hidden>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 08:41:00 -0800

I've been reading about "spooky action at a distance" at
http://www.ncsu.edu/felder-public/kenny/papers/bell.html and several other

I'm told that non-locality is a phenomenon that is proven. A review of
experiments makes it clear that "spooky action at a distance is part of
nature." But doesn't this violate the rule that nothing can travel faster
than the speed of light? Well, no, it does not - because of a technicality.

Nevertheless, how might one of "entangled" particles, even though separated
by light-years, react instantaneously to a measurement done to its sibling?
I've seen no hypothesis. The answer is, apparently, one of many Quantum

This is unsatisfying. I would like to hear speculations on non-locality.

We are told that string theory needs 11 dimensions - could it be, for
example, that there is another dimension in which the entangled particles
are adjacent to each other?
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