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scerir wrote:

> David Barrett-Lennard
> > According to QM, in small systems evolving according to the Hamiltonian,
> > time certainly exists but there is no arrow of time within the scope of
> > the experiment. In such small systems we can run the movie backwards
> > and everything looks normal.
> Yes, but how small? Because now they perform experiments
> over large distance. Not just the 45 meters of the old
> Jasin interferometer. But 10 km. or even 100 km. And
> still they find interferences. (Of course those
> beams are correlated and well protected!).
> In general the argument 'contra' the transactional
> interpretation is this one below (in this case, by
> Anton Zeilinger). But I do not know well enough Cramer's
> interpretation. So I cannot judge.
> <In the Transactional Interpretation the state vector is
> considered to be a real physical wave emitted as an
> "offer wave" based on the preparation procedure of the
> experiment. The interaction then comes to a close
> through the emission of the "confirmation wave" by
> what is usually called the collapse of the wave function.
> The quantum particle, e.g. the photon, electron etc.,
> is then considered to be identical with the finished
> transaction. It is fundamental to that interpretation
> that where the closure of the transaction takes place
> is an unexplained input to the process.>

The "transactional interpretation" is unduly "realistic"!
A better conception of a "bi-causal" determination of
EPR correlations is provided by the so-called "2-state
approach" of Aharovov et al. which has the added thrill
that it makes verifiable predictions beyond the conventional
QM formalism. Check

Both the "protective" and the "weak-value" experiments
associated with this idea are now being tried out...


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