Re: Request for a glossary of acronyms

From: Hal Finney <>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 15:48:31 -0800

> Hal,
> Waht about a definition of Observer-Moment?
> That would surely help me...
> Thanks,
> -Joao

I was mostly sticking to acronyms, otherwise it becomes a FAQ. Doing
observer-moment also requires defining observer. Here is a try at it:

Observer - A subsystem of the multiverse with qualities sufficiently
similar to those which are common among human beings that we consider
it meaningful that we might have been or might be that subsystem.
These qualities include consciousness, perception of a flow of time,
and continuity of identity.

Observer-moment - An instant of perception by an observer. An observer's
sense of the flow of time allows its experience to be divided into
units so small that no perceptible change in consciousness is possible
in those intervals. Each such unit of time for a particular observer
is an observer-moment.

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