Re: Request for a glossary of acronyms

From: Eric Cavalcanti <>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 19:14:36 -0200

> > Also, what about a weighted version of the ASSA? I believe other animals
> > conscious and thus would qualify as observers/observer-moments, which
> > suggest I am extraordinarily lucky to find myself as an observer-moment
> > what seems like the most intelligent species on the planet...but could
> > be an element of the anthropic principle here? Perhaps some kind of
> > of consciousness would assign something like a "mental complexity" to
> > different observer-moments, and the self-sampling assumption could be
> > in favor of more complex minds.

I think the anthropic principle could be used quite well to account
for that, since if you were an animal other than a human being, you
could not be asking that question. But I don't see the need nor the
basis to assign any sort of weight to the 'selection' of different
observers, just as there is no weight (other than the anthropic
principle) to account for the fact that we live in this particular
universe which allows for human beings.

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