Re: Request for a glossary of acronyms

From: Hal Finney <>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 15:40:53 -0800

Here are some more:

QM - Quantum Mechanics, our best current theory for the physics
of the small.

GR - General Relativity, our best current theory for the physics
of the large.

TM - Turing Machine, a formal model of computation.

UTM - Universal Turing Machine, a type of Turing Machine that can
emulate any other TM.

QTI - Quantum Theory of Immortality, the notion that the existence of
the multiverse implies that every observer will live forever since his
existence continues in some worlds.

QS - Quantum Suicide, the extension of the QTI theory into a proposal
that by setting up a suicide machine to be triggered by negative events,
one can increase the probability of experiencing favorable events.

SIA - The Self-Indication Assumption, which says his own existence gives
an observer evidence that other observers probably exist. Due to
Nick Bostrom, who has much related material available at

FOR - The Fabric of Reality mailing list, based on David Deutsch's
book of the same name. Archived at

AUP - All Universe Principle. See AUH.

AUH - All Universe Hypothesis. One of many names for the idea that all
universes exist. Others include the Principle of Plenitude and the
All Universe Principle.

AP - Anthropic Principle, the idea that we can only observe that which
is consistent with the existence of an observer.

TOE - Theory of Everything, the hypothetical physical theory that will
fully describe our universe. It would have to encompass or extend
Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity.

CA - Cellular Automaton (singular) or Cellular Automata (plural). This
is a computational model based on cells arranged in some kind of array
or pattern which perform (usually) simple calculations based on their
internal state and the state of their neighbors. Stephen Wolfram has a
book proposing that systems similar to CAs may underly many natural

SAS - Self Aware Subsystem, an observer when considered as part of a
mathematical structure.

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