Re: Self without context???

From: Stephen P. King <>
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 11:38:18 -0400

Dear Hal,

    Have you worked out any of the specifics regarding the
"constructability" and "recursive enumerability" of the "lookup table" of
the CA? Are you assuming that the actions of the CA are "serializable",
e.g., capable of being placed in a partial ordering that is in some way
unique? Does your model address the notion of "true concurrency" at all?
BTW, the same questions apply to Bruno. ;-)

Kindest regards,


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> Dear Bruno:
> We have had a number of discussions both on the list and off and I missed
> them while you were gone.
> I basically think we are not worlds apart. I see a cellular automaton
> a large set [lookup table] of rules [sort of a machine if you will] that
> lie below physics as we perceive it.
> What I have tried to do is keep zero information in the ensemble while
> finding ways in which the cellular automaton comes about, how a
> one has an isomorphic link to a part of the underlying dynamic of the
> Everything from which it is in turn emergent, and how this dynamic - the
> lowest layer - insists that the automaton change state to maintain the
> isomorphic link or perish, and how this underlying dynamic effects the
> noise content of the cellular automaton.
> Thus in my model from the Everything dynamic emerges the "machine" - the
> automaton.
> Hal
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