Re: Self without context???

From: H J Ruhl <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 22:03:56 -0700

Dear Bruno and Stephen:

To finish my model's foundation:

3) The next thing to explore is the nature of the rules in each universe
that guide its range of next possible isomorphisms [states]. Each current
state has its own such range.

Again using the idea that there can be no selection all universes either
have such rules or none do. Here the case that a universe uses no rules is
equivalent to the rule "Do not care". So given the evidence that our
universe uses a rule set and that a simple rule can act as no rule then I
conclude that all universes have such rules.

Further to again avoid selection all possible kinds of rules must be
represented in the ensemble of universes without any sort of preference
including the number of like representations [universes using the same rules]

A UD would be one type of rule. However, as pointed out above, this type
of rule is nevertheless subject to the external random oracle. In this
case an oracle event changes the UD in some way. At this point in the
model I have arrived at the point where Bruno is working. I do not fully
understand his work as of now, but I have no issue with the possibility
that Bruno may be correct in terms of the operation of such a UD. Rather I
see the true noise of external origin as being imposed on any type of rule
set by the Everything/Nothing dynamic even if the particular rule set has
no inherent channel for such noise, and I use this as a launching point for
the rest of my model.

I see our universe as having a rule set that is nothing more than a very
large lookup table used to determine the range [the range is due to the
possibility of noise allowed by the rules - their inherent noise channel]
of the next state at the level of individual discrete points within regions
located on a 3D grid much as a cellular automaton with noise.

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