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From: George Levy <>
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 14:47:25 -0700

This is a continuation of "Consistency? + Programs for G, G*, ...+ White Rabbits"

 Some more thoughts about dreaming.

I wrote:

> To summarize:
> White rabbits are inconsistent by definition. The issue is "inconsistent with
> respect which frame of reference?"
> If we dream of a real world white rabbit (inconsistency as seen from the real
> world point of view) then it may be perfectly consistent in the dream world. If
> it is consistent in the dream world, no problem. No paradox in the dream world.
> No paradox in the real world..
> If we dream of a dream world white rabbit (inconsistency as seen from the dream
> world point of view), then we realize the dream world is a fake and we wake up.
> No more dream world. No more paradox.
> We can resolve the white rabbit paradox if we take relativity seriously.
> George

Let's say you are dreaming of a nice little pussy cat. Suddenly the pussy cat morphs
(white rabbit?) into a hungry lion who goes straight for you with bared fangs and
drooling saliva.with anticipation of a good meal.

The first consistency test is whether you believe in the morphin process or you

If you do believe that the cat morphed into a lion, then your world is consistent
and you are having a bad nightmare.The lion will tear you to pieces and you'll die
in your dream. At that point you meet the second consistency test.

Either you believe you are dead and then you must stop dreaming and therefore stop
believing you are dead... This is impossible. Your dream world therefore becomes
inconsistent and comes to an end. You either switch to a deep theta sleep state or
you wake up... unless you go to a dream heaven... but then you are not really
dead....and the whole pussycat/lion nightmare could arise again... Death in a dream
leads to infinite heavenly regression or to inconsistency.

Now if you don't believe that the cat morphed into a lion, you realize that your
world is a dream world. You then have two choices. Either wake up (end of the dream
world) or continue to enjoy your dream with the full knowledge that it is only a
dream not the reality (end of real dream) and that no matter what the lion does to
you, it's only a dream and nothing bad could really happens. So you let the lion eat
you. In fact you are really enjoying the process. Finding yourself in the stomach of
the lion.... becoming the lion.... what fun!!! A dream that you know is a dream is
called a lucid dream. Lucid dream are fun! You can jump from a huge cliff and not
get hurt, stand in front of a speeding locomotive and see it go right through you.
In a lucid dream, you are immortal.

Not let's take a step back and look at science in interpreting our world. The role
of science is to expose inconsistencies and reveal the old perception of the world
world for the dream it is....Our set of beliefs affects how we perceive the world.
Way back before Copernicus, we were living in a dream world where the earth was at
the center of the universe etc... But there were inconsistencies... Copernicus,
Galileo, Newton, Einstein etc.. resolved the inconsistencies. They showed us that
the old set of beliefs were just dreams, not reality. Our horizon has been
expanding. We have been waking up, and waking up again, and again. We are now faced
with the ultimate expansion of our horizons: the plenitude. Quantum immortality is
like lucid dream immortality. Yes, our world is a dream. But what a magnificient
dream! Let's be like the lucid dreamer and enjoy it to the fullest!

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