Re: White Rabbits, Consistency and Dreaming

From: George Levy <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 21:53:16 -0700

More on dreaming

Believing in a cat morphing into a lion
Believing in ogres and demons
Believing in the tooth fairie
Believing in a flat earth
Believing in the geocentric system
Believing in Newtonian Physics

All these are beliefs. We hold these beliefs when we are awake or when we
are asleep. Beliefs shape the world we live in. They range from the totally
absurd, to the almost reasonable. But they are all false. They all have
their own sets of inconsistencies which were may not be readily apparent. In
fact it took a lot of work to demonstrate the inconsistencies of Newtonian

Our beliefs form part of our frames of reference. They are the only things
that matter. When they are demonstratedly proven inconsistent, our world
comes tumbling down.... and a new world takes its place... with a new sets
of beliefs.

Scientists are kind of like Elmer Fudd: the history of science is the hunt
for, and extermination of, all white rabbits...
I think, they are in for a big surprise.... the mother of all white rabbits
is just around the corner....and she is morphing into a lion.

George Levy
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