Re: White Rabbits, Consistency and Dreaming

From: George Levy <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 19:02:58 -0700

jamikes wrote:

> I referred to the DREAM of the
> OM,

OBSERVER MOMENT (Phew!!!) (I hate acronyms!!!)

> which could be visualized as an axiom (not reducible idea).
> Can you ask "Why/-not" upon the OM? If you force such answers, they all
> belong into the OM of course. I consider my OM an (MY) axiom. Unless one
> accepts the independently existing structure as an OM framework.
> Any better ideas?
> John Mikes

Observer Moment

I call it the Self. Others may have other names. The irreducible essence of
consciousness. The monster White Rabbit. Why is there a Self? How many Selves
are there? We can talk about the Plenitude, the MW, QT, Logical Consistency,
etc... until we are blue in the face. Yet we are always led back to the basic
problem, the Self. It is both faith and fact. It is belief and observation. It is
self justifying and self emergent. It is also the starting point of the anthropic
causal chain from which the whole observable world depends.

I think therefore I am therefore the world is..................................

We were looking for the White Rabbit...... Finally we found it..... It is us.

The Self is staring at us in the face. The monster White Rabbit.

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