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Marks wrote:
> I do have a querry to pose to the group:
> Quantum Mechanics has at least two interpretations. One interpretation relates
> to taking the observations and data verbatim in ONE reality (the universe), and
> we have used this interpretation with great success in science. Another
> interpretation, because of the nature of probabalistic results to QM
> calculations, assumes that there is a (mostly hidden and) complex meaning to
> Schroedinger and Dirac probability functions (MWI, etc.).
> The latter interpretation, for instance, of "Schroedinger's cat" (or
> hypothesizing "shadow photons", etc.) implying that there are alternative
> universes and that many "cats" exist in alternative universes (where the
> probability function is not zero), seems to me to grossly violate Occam's Razor
> for starters, and, realistically, doesn't cover the issue of where all this
> creative energy comes from, not only to (so often) defeat entropy when a "new"
> universe is created, but to energize all these universes.

In fact All Universe's Hypotheses (of which the Mulitverse, or MWI is
but one) have the property that the ensemble of universes is simpler
than any one member of the ensemble. This point is made in Tegmark's
paper, but perhaps is more clearly formulated in Schmidhuber's
paper. So Occam's razor actually favours an AUH over a simple reality!
Turned around another way, the AUH actually explains why Occam's razor
actually works - see "Why Occam's Razor" in my publications list which
you can get from my website.


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