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From: Marks <>
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 15:50:11 -0400

Thanks to the few that answered my inquiry about this list! I am glad its still
active. I guess I should take part in the discussions, tho my schedule leaves
me little time for the next couple months. I was going to respond before, but
have not had time to create commentary before my response would have become
obsolete to the subject discussed.

I do have a querry to pose to the group:
Quantum Mechanics has at least two interpretations. One interpretation relates
to taking the observations and data verbatim in ONE reality (the universe), and
we have used this interpretation with great success in science. Another
interpretation, because of the nature of probabalistic results to QM
calculations, assumes that there is a (mostly hidden and) complex meaning to
Schroedinger and Dirac probability functions (MWI, etc.).

The latter interpretation, for instance, of "Schroedinger's cat" (or
hypothesizing "shadow photons", etc.) implying that there are alternative
universes and that many "cats" exist in alternative universes (where the
probability function is not zero), seems to me to grossly violate Occam's Razor
for starters, and, realistically, doesn't cover the issue of where all this
creative energy comes from, not only to (so often) defeat entropy when a "new"
universe is created, but to energize all these universes.

Quantum tunneling, spectral lines, superfluid behavior, etc., describe (mostly)
the exceptional behavior of matter and energy in special conditions. Many
exceptional and inexplicable properties, like quantum tunneling, for instance,
may be able to be explained by assuming that there are impurities in the
materials we examine that allow the transitions that are supposedly
"forbidden". If we have a one gram molecular weight specimen, then the speciment
has 6 x 10^23 molecules in it. If we purify the specimen to one part in a
trillion (10^12), that still means there are 10^11 molecules of impurities. And,
if we are looking for an effect like tunneling, I have a feeling that 10^11
molecules that "shouldn't be there" and may be beyond our ability to detect,
some of which may allow the "forbidden" transition, might explain such effects.
MWI theory, it seems, to me, needs to address some pivotal issues, such as

I will listen to the light of logic and reason and would like some commentary,
if possible. Please forgive me if I don't respond super fast because of my

Have a great day, and i am glad the list is still active!

Howard Marks

Saibal Mitra wrote:

> Hello Howard,
> The group still exists. The last posting was by Marchal, dated , Tue, 29 Aug
> 2000 02:48:02,
> on the measure of the ``prisoner´´. I didn't reply yet because I am too
> busy with my work.
> Greetings,
> Saibal
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> > I have been subscribed to this group, regarding Many World's
> > Interpretation, Fabric of Reality, David Deutsch, etc. I have not
> > gotten emails from the group in a few weeks.
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> > Does the group still exist? If a clerical error, please reinstate me in
> > the list. Thank you.
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> > Howard Marks
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