From: Marchal <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 03:08:47 2000

>Trying to derive SE from AUH is like trying to derive 'Jacques Mallah' from
>It's very easy: all universes exists, so some thoughts of the cleass "the SE
>is -i hbar d/dt psi = H psi" exist.
>Some thoughts of the class "why is the SE -i hbar d/dt psi = H psi" also
>exist - and by WAP we shouldn't wonder why we *are* (not think, but are)
>such a thought.

James, I'm afraid you are confusing geography and physics.
Physics describe invariants about our most probable continuations.
You put SE in geography. It would then be a contingent fact that SE.
To believe it is possible to derive SE from some AUH is to belief
that SE correctly and (concisely) capture what remains true in
*all* continuations. A law is something true in `all most probable

(In particular, a way to derive SE from the computationnalist hypothesis
is to derive SE from the stable discourse by self-referentially
correct UTM on their most probable consistent extensions.
A not so easy mathematical problem.

> If we weren't, we wouldn't wonder it...

I agree ontologicaly, but epistemologicaly, it is only partially

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