You're hunting wild geese

From: Higgo James <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 16:16:57 +0100

I really can't see why we should assume an observer. It all works fine
without one, taking the single assumption that all OMs exist, justified on
the grounds that that would require the minimum amount of Kolmogorov
complexity consistent with the fact that this OM exists.

If the wabbit hunt is a psychological need that other people have, then they
need to work through that one. But there's no point my being involved in the
process, is there?

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> James Higgo wrote:
> >If you will stop jumping from 'observation' to 'observer' then you will
> find
> >that this problem does not exist. As nobody here (bar Jacques) is
> prepared
> >to do this, I'm logging off from this boring and pointless debate about
> >wabbits.
> But why for God sake should we stop jumping from observation to observer ?
> I agree the problem appears when we do that. But the problem is
> interesting and it gives hopes not only to understand the basic reason we
> believe in things and universes, but it gives also hope to really derive
> the foundation of physics (QM) from the "pythagorician" platonic realm
> (the law of numbers).
> Why don't you enjoy the hunting of the wabbits ?
> It can only enlight the discussion and makes more communicable what you
> seem
> to grasp in some pure ontological way.
> Bruno

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