Re: The Anthropic Principle Boundary Conditions

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> For god's sake, man! There is no 'I'

How do you know this? Think!

Referring to Bruno and Brent's comments:

I agree with the Bruno and Brent about the fact that our differences stem
from operating with different "languages" and that we have to recognize the
first person perspective and the third person perspective. Yet, the root of
all knowledge must start with the basic assumption about the self, about our
own rationality and about our own observations. I agree that it makes sense
to talk about 3rd person, but only as a derived or deduced fact from the
first person perspective.

Saying that consciousness is emergent from computationalism
 is a third person statement. (Use the Turing Test for example as an
experimental check for human-like behavior)

Saying that (physical) computationalism is (anthropically) emergent from
consciousness is a first person statement. I am referring here to the fact
that the world is rational -- seems to be simulatable on a computer.

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