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From: Hal Ruhl <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 11:07:46 -0700

>>Hi everyone:
>>I would like to clarify something I said in a post on this thread and
>>welcome your comments.
>>I gave an example of how the particular universe defining fc-FAS changes
>>[actually it grows larger] by indicating that its alphabet would
>>permanently increase by two particles when a virtual pair "pops" in - a
>>type of attachment event of a short string from the Plenitude to the long
>>string defining the now prior fc-FAS.
>>Underlying this is my way of looking at N-bit, fc-FAS. I see them as
>>being somewhat like a box of Leggo's. There are two types of symbols 0
>>and 1, and there are N 0's and N 1's in the box. You can build a finite
>>number of finite constructs from this set of 2N elements, but you have to
>>leave N elements in the box.
>>The universe defining fc-FAS is a bit different. Each symbol type is a
>>different particle type and they are each represented by a string that is
>>a unique combination of 0's and 1's. The box contains so many strings of
>>each type. Each configuration of the particular universe requires the
>>use of all these strings.
>>The short string addition events frequently increase the number of such
>>particle defining strings in the box.
>>At a deeper level I see the "real" alphabet of a universe defining
>>fc-FAS as a finite set of isolated points arranged in a space
>>grid. These points can move about in a quantified way inside a small
>>"region" surrounding their equilibrium position in the grid. That is the
>>relative "pitch" between neighboring points is not "fixed".
>>A particular configuration of the particular universe is a particular
>>configuration of all these points. What we call "particle" types are
>>unique types of orbits of a point or coordinated groups of points about
>>its/their equilibrium position(s).

At this level a short string attachment adds many points and a few excited
groups of points [particles]. Interesting consequent: A fixed rate of
attachment of similar short strings looks like a decelerating expansion
rate, flat, low mass universe. However, "meaningfulness" generates a
correlation across the "attachment" mechanism. Thus spikes in attachment
rate and shifts in short string blend can take place. An up tick in
attachment rate looks like an accelerating expansion rate universe.

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