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From: Marchal <>
Date: Thu Apr 6 02:48:00 2000

Russell Standish wrote :

>However, surely LITTLENESS is contradicted by observation. We live in
>a universe big enough to run the UD. Or have I missed something here?

We live in a universe big enough to run a piece of the UD*, sure. To run
the whole (infinite) UD*, though, the universe should expand infinitely
with infinite creation of space/time, probably energy and all this in a
very robust way to keep track of the computations.

Not only that is not obvious to infer from observations, but if comp is
correct that is absolutely undecidable.

Of course LITTLENESS is the opposite of the everything or the plenitude

I'm going to Dubrovnik now, so I'm not here for the next two weeks,

Bye, Bruno
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