Re: Interesting article

From: Marchal <>
Date: Fri Feb 11 02:27:35 2000

Fritz Griffith wrote:

>I found an interesting article on human conciousness becoming melded with
>computers. Just thought it was relevant enough to post here. It has some
>interesting predictions for the near future.

Very interesting paper on "practical comp" by Raymond Kurzweil, indeed.
Thank you Fritz.

Unlike Greg Egan (see my other today's post) he doesn't mention comp
(I mean precisely the one which does not need any technologies),
or things like that, but he says deep things on consciousness though

Of course artificial brain will never be constructed with the immortality
in mind: that is to much frightening, and also useless! Artificial brain
will be constructed for those curious to see their grand grand children,
to see the evolution of their favorite baseball or football teams, or just
because Alzeimer ...
In Budhist term, the 'risk' with artificial brain is making lasting
Samsara and
postponing Nirvana ... perhaps.

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