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From: Marchal <>
Date: Fri Feb 11 02:25:48 2000

Selwyn St Leger wrote (sometimes ago):

>I have been following your discussions with interest. Much of what
>you say was anticipated by Greg Egan in his sci fi novel "Permutation
>City". Or is "Greg Egan" the nom de plume of one of you?

After having search it all around the (electronical) world, I found
Greg Egan's "Permutation City" in a little english bookshop, near home!
I read it.
The author has indeed a rather accurate understanding of
comp-immortality. pp. 122, 160 (where you can hear the guardian angel!),
181, 267 (pages of the paperback MILLENIUM 1995 edition).

Like in Galouye's Simulacron 3, only the heroine (pp 181) sees the deep
point (here: the 'uselessness of theotechnology' (my term)), but she
doesn't even tell the hero!
The hero build a machine which alterates the probabilities of
computational computations. I have no definite opinion about that machine.
You can also look at Greg Egan website. Very nice. He is clearly fond
with Quantum Mechanics. (Be carefull some of his animations has
satured my hard disk!).

Thank you, Selwyn,

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