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Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 23:43:51 EST

Hal and Marchal:

I guess the fundamental reason why I insist that the world is quantized is
because of the equivalence I make between

1) the universe of thoughts,
2) The universe of Turing simulation and
3) the physical universe.

In my opinion, this equivalence originates from the "rationality-X"
constraints imposed by the Anthropic principle on the transitions from
observer moment to observer moment. This rationality-X constraint gives rise
to consciousness-X, and to physicality-X. These constraints restrict the
physical world and the mental world in exactly the same way. In other words,
we can only move from one observer moment to another if there is no white
rabbit that pops up and make us crazy. Rationality of the mental world is
matched by the comprehensibility of the physical world.
The equivalence derive from the fact that the physical world and the mental
world are generated by exactly the same phenomenon.

This approach explains why the world is comprehensible, one of the mysteries
pondered by Einstein.

Adding Church's thesis to the mix we can also include Turing machine
simulation in the equivalence.

Hence physics, machine psychology and human psychology are exactly
equivalent. Roughly they correspond to "real" reality, Turing emulable
virtual reality and dreaming.

I believe that in this respect I am very close to what Marchal is saying. I
believe comp is valid..... but as I have explained before, to explain free
will we have to look beyond comp... where comp breaks down.

George Levy
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