Re: Everything is Just a Memory

From: Russell Standish <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 100 15:12:08 +1100 (EST)

No I have not defined consciousness. I have merely postulated that
both Time and Projection are necessary to any such definition of
consciousness. As with any such postulates, they are neither correct nor
incorrect. They may be reasonable, or they may be unduly restrictive. Time
will tell. I will believe the latter only when some reasonably
convincing counter examples are provided. My personal consciousness
has both Time and Projection. Lets hear from any conscious beings out
there that have a different experience!

In you story of the World, you are not describing consciousness at
all. You are describing an isolated observer-moment, and saying little
or nothing about it, other than it exists, because all such things exist.


> Russell, you say: "come up with a convincing counterexample of how
> consciousness could work in another way".
> Firstly, you have not defined consciousness. Secondly, you have not defined
> how it works your way (and nether have such dignitaries as Dennett).
> Thirdly, I offer you a perfectly logical explanation for 'consciousness'
> (the existence of this thought, which is all we need to explain) - that this
> observer-moment exists. You refute this answer for no reason other than you
> _need_ more than that. Occam would be disgusted.
> Chin chin
> James

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