Re: Probability

From: Quentin Anciaux <>
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 19:13:38 +0100


2008/11/7 Tom Caylor <>:
> Anna, OK, I understand.
> Thomas, as another reference point for study, what I refer to as the
> point of view from the Plenitude, or Plotinus' One, has frequently
> been referred to as the "God's eye point of view".
> (I didn't bring that up at first because I believe in a God who is
> different from the Plenitude or Plotinus' One, both of which are
> impersonal. By the way, the personal God is the only one in whom a
> person can possibly believe, but that could be another topic.)
> Tom

Well... could you explain why a personal god is the *only one* a
person can *possibly* believe ? because there is a little problem
here... I do not believe in a personal god... yet I exist... so I'm
possible... so believing in a personal god is not the only one a
person can believe in... cqfd

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
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