A nerw idea to play with

From: Higgo James <james.higgo.domain.name.hidden>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 10:53:20 +0100

> Over dinner in a small pub in Fotheringhay, a friend described to me the
> plot of the Matrix, which I still have not seen. It reminded me of an idea
> I had when I was about 12, after reading too much Asimov, no doubt:
> At some point in our evolution, we are bound to develop technology
> sufficiently powerful to replicate the universe in a computer over which
> we have full control (lets say it will take us a million years from now).
> We are extremely unlikely to find ourselved in the first 4million years
> during which this machine has not been invented. So it is highly likely
> that we are inside a computer, or a nest of computers.
> This hypothesis violates Ockam. And it's not terribly interesting because
> the same questions remain to be answered (I can't understand people who
> look to space-aliens for the genesis of life on earth!) But where are the
> flaws?
> James Higgo (not Higgo James, and my e-mail program insists on calling me)
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