E-version of Theory of Nothing

From: Russell Standish <r.standish.domain.name.hidden>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 10:20:14 +1000

I have been in discussion with Booksurge and Amazon.com re the
provision of electronic version of my book since Booksurge closed
their online store.

The deal I wanted was for purchasers of the hardcopy to receive a
complimentary electronic copy, and for people to be able to purchase
an electronic copy at a modest price.

The trouble is that all these companies want to wrap the book up in
some form of digital rights management, which usually prevents those of
my readers with "non-mainstream" computers (ie non-Windows) to be able
to access the manuscript.

So I have decided to do the matter myself. Trade is unlikely to be
very brisk, so I'll just handle requests via email. You can either
prove to me you've ordered the hardcopy from Amazon (by for example
emailing me the Amazon.com order number), or you can pay me AU $5 by
Paypal (approx US $3.75), and I'll email back the full book as PDF
file that you can print, make copies to your hearts content for
personal use. The only thing you're not entitled to do is give the
copy to someone else (not as though I'll be beating down your door to
check though :).


*PS: A number of people ask me about the attachment to my email, which
is of type "application/pgp-signature". Don't worry, it is not a
virus. It is an electronic signature, that may be used to verify this
email came from me if you have PGP or GPG installed. Otherwise, you
may safely ignore this attachment.
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