Re: computationalism and supervenience

From: Quentin Anciaux <>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 16:51:54 +0200


Le Tuesday 29 Août 2006 16:41, 1Z a écrit :
> > I think we
> > can still say this if the multiverse is run in Platonia, which does not
> > allow the removal of multiverse branches in the same way possible with a
> > computer model. For example, the version of me alive in the multiverse
> > branches where he has won the lottery every week for a year has much
> > lower measure, but he is not proportionately less conscious.
> Then you have a WR problem. Barbour introduces the idea
> that low-measure Nows are less conscious in order to
> avoid the WR problem, and with no other motivation.

If it was the case, then any sufficiently rich people in this reality should
be less conscious than me... Imagine poor Bill Gates, the richest man, but
the less conscious... Because if rich people of this reality are not in lower
measure state than "common" people... what is a low measure now ? Because an
OM where you are the richest person in the world must not be of a large
measure... till there is one !


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