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From: Devin Harris <>
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 04:46:44 -0700

David Seaman <> wrote:

The equations which should apply are:
        sum(everything) = 0
        sum(everything known by conscious subjects) = infinity
        sum(everything not known by conscious subjects) = 0

Translation =

        Sum(everything) = 0
        Positive + Negative = 0 = neutral
        Positive whole + Negative whole = 0
        Infinity = 0 (Not axiomatically possible or describable in
ordinary mathematics)
        New Axiom: 0 = sum of all reality =
            0 does not mean nothing or non-existence, absence, vacuum,
or void
            0 means indefinite, same as undefined, same as non-polar,
same as neutral
            0 means whole, complete, finished, same as singularity
            0 means not many but one thing, one whole, oneness

        New mathematical axiom: 0 = sum of all other numbers and values
            0 = Largest value in system
            1 = Less than zero
            0 = whole infinity
            1 = must be smaller than 0 or infinity
            1 = ?
            1 = Combined sum of all real numbers also except (-1) is
            2 = Combined sum of all real numbers except (-2)
            (-1) = Combined sum of all real numbers also except (1) is
            Sum of all numbers except (-2) = 2
            (1,2,3...) all numerics other than zero in system are
infinite values less than 0
            Counting up into larger numerics = smaller value
            Larger numerics converge in value toward infinitely small
            Smallest value in system = +oo or -oo (note: relates to
point of infinite density)
            Smallest value still is an infinity
            +oo = half of whole
            Smallest value in system still equals half of whole
            +oo or -oo both definite infinite values, not processes, but
            +oo and -oo represent duality, definition, and thingness
            +oo and -oo are positive and negative singularities
            0 or oo is a neutral singularity (Omega zero)
            (+oo) + (-oo) = 0 = oo

Note: This system is definite, complete, whole. (God's math.)

        Sum(everything known by conscious subjects) = infinity
        Sum(everything known) = 0 = infinity (not say able in ordinary
        Sum(conscious subjects) = 0 (not say able in ordinary math)

You wrote:
        sum(everything not known by conscious subjects) = 0

I expect you meant (anything not known by conscious subjects = 0
(ordinary i.e.nothing)

Which is to say that nothing is not known, which is to say that the 0
(infinity) universe is a singular knowing, and I would argue this means
the universe at its most fundamental level is simply meaning. Nothing is
not known or unknown because the universe is knowledge. There is nowhere
the universe is not. There is no real division between conscious
subjects and other subjects or things or universe. The Universe is a
neutral singularity. What is unknown is unreal. It would be wrong to say
it doesn't exist, since it is not possible for anything to not exist.

We count things with ordinary mathematics even though we live in a
singular existence. The real universe is a singular thing or single
existence without boundary or opposite to make it definite. The axioms
of ordinary math are based upon things. The values are a measure of gain
and debt. Zero things means the absence of things, not a singularity of
thingness. Ordinary math values of the complex plane are valid and real,
but we cannot use that system to understand the Universe or the
cosmology of MWs. The consequence of not realizing both perspectives is
that we get caught in a battle between the finite and the infinite,
viewing the Universe both as nothing and as everything, when the
everything whole is simply that which is without an opposite.

Each world of the many worlds is not a thing in itself, any more than we
are genuinely separable from the universe. Each space-time, at any given
moment, from Bang to Omega Zero, is itself an infinity, and each is less
than the whole infinity or Multiverse which is the Sum(everything) = 0

Thanks for putting that out there David,

Devin Harris

Symmetry Mathematics
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