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From: David Seaman <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 11:08:11 +0100

The equations which should apply are:
        sum(everything) = 0
        sum(everything known by conscious subjects) = infinity
        sum(everything not known by conscious subjects) = 0

The first equation should be one of the axioms of a TOE.

The second equation is because for all distinct subjects A and B,
        (known by A) + (known by B) > (known by A)
since if this failed B would either not be self aware or be the same as A.

The third equation is not obviously true, but I suspect that if there is
anything interesting to be found it will be discovered by at least one
conscious subject. There is a lot of low quality information which an
infinite number of immortals will never get round to looking at, so it just
gets smudged out in the big picture.

At 9:12 +0100 15/7/99, Higgo James wrote:
>Not until we know everything.
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>> Dr. Russell Standish wrote:
>> Entities able to see the whole of reality would just see a blandness of
>> zero information. In fact, they would not be able to see themselves,
>> pointing to an essential contradiction of omniscient beings.
>> Does this mean that the more we learn the less we know.
>> Devin
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