Re: Mathematical Structures + subj/obj

From: Marchal <>
Date: Sat Jul 17 06:26:16 1999

Steve Price wrote:

>Marchal wrote: "Only a very tiny part of the possible mathematical
>structures can be
>formalised or axiomatized.
>There is no possible formalisation of Arithmetical Truth.
>This is a consequence of Godel's Theorem."
>Strong disagreement. You should have said: Only a very tiny part of the
>possible mathematical structures can be formalised or axiomatized in a
>purely finitistic way. There is no possible FINITE formalisation of
>Arithmetical Truth which is both complete and consistent.

You are wright. Sorry. I e-mail to quickly. Note that you could have
said "There is no possible ALPHA formalisation of
Arithmetical Truth which is both complete and consistent, with
ALPHA any recursive transfinite ordinals.

I have not succeed the printing of Lucian Wischik's 1997 paper
"Non-finite computation in Malament-Hogarth spacetimes," available from
... I will try again.

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