Raymond Smullyan

From: Christopher Maloney <dude.domain.name.hidden>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 08:02:43 -0400

In my last and a previous post, I was confusing Raymond
Smullyan with Stanislaw Lem. I was thinking of two essays
by Stanislaw Lem in "The Mind's I": "The Princess
Ineffabelle" and "The Seventh Sally, or How Trurl's Own
Perfection Led to No Good", and thinking that they were
written my Smullyan. Sorry, I should have looked it up.

Smullyan also has two articles in that book: "Is God a
Taoist?", which is a dialog between a Mortal and God
about free will, and "An Epistemological Nightmare", which
is a fun story about a guy who gets into Trouble through
self-reference. They're both very good, but I wouldn't
have compared them to Jorges Luis Borges.

Chris Maloney
"Knowledge is good"
-- Emil Faber
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