Re: Raymond Smullyan

From: Marchal <>
Date: Thu Jul 15 07:22:21 1999

>They're both [Smullyan in Mind's I] very good, but I wouldn't
>have compared them to Jorges Luis Borges.

I am a big big big big big fan of Jorges Luis Borges !
But you shouldn't compare it with Raymond Smullyan, especially
just after reading just his part in Mind's I. That's unfair !!!!

I know sometimes Raymond is a little irksome with his
repetitive self-referential jokes. Please, look beyond !

Apropos, for those who have some doubt about my own immortality,
just read "forever undecided". It's a good atemporal
interview of myself. (Dedicated to myself).

For those who thinks I know what I am saying right now :
They are wrong ! I BET !

Shouldn't take so much wine at dinner ...

Bruno :-)

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