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À (At) 12:16 +0100 28/01/99, Marchal écrivait (wrote) :
>Put in another way : with QM you have many "worlds", but, a priori, not
>as many than with COMP. With COMP I think we must justify, in a purely
>non empirical way, why the vast majority of computationnal state we are
>living seems to be quantum computationnal state.

I agree that this is one of the tasks ahead for this model, but it
is going to be long term. One direction is to rule out alternative
physical models by showing that they don't seem to be able to support
life. Max Tegmark has a diagram at
showing that small variations on our current physical laws would seem
to make life much more difficult.

Another approach would be to try to create simpler universes which would
still be able to support life. We could even do computer simulations to
try to show that life seems to be evolving. Failure to successfully
demonstrate realistic evolution would be evidence that you needed more
like the complexity of our own quantum laws.

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