RE: Amoeba croaks -

From: Gilles HENRI <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 14:22:54 +0100

>EVERYTHING is subjective. Nothing is meaningful without an observer
>choosing to see it by glancing at the block universe from an angle of
>subjective choosing. Time does not flow. Nothing happens unless someone
>strings the snapshots together in such a way as they see things happening -
>we creatures in time can do no other.
>So it is MEANINGLESS to think of 'choice' or 'determinism'. Two meaningless
>words can be as compatible as you like.

I share this point of view. However even if everything is somewhere
subjective, there are definitely some things more objective than others.
It's easier for me to measure your mass ( and to be in accordance with any
observer about it) than your conscious state ; more generally you must
explain why the world presents the appearance of a time-evolving one,
following definite physical laws. There MUST be some structure behind that
(maybe Bruno's number theory, although it is for me questionable).
Solipsism for example doesn't give any justification for that.

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