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Jacques, I have never heard the word 'ramification' used in this way. It
normally means a 'logical consequence'. There are no bundles of universes,
unless someone chooses to see them as bundled, and I don't think that would
be very useful. You use several concepts I consider meaningless, such as

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> Hi James,
> >Interesting concept concerning the infnitely small. How about the more
> >orthodox idea that the brain is a quantum computer (running things like
> >Shor's and Grover's algorithms), relying on an infinite number of
> parallel
> >universes?
> It's another interesting idea.
> There is an infinite number of physical theories which are compatible with
> our perceptions, so we can consider that our consciousness supervenes on
> all
> these theories and that we exist in an infinite number of corresponding
> parallel universes. But in some circonstances the difference may become
> perceptible.
> See
> Metaphysical reflections
> <> -
> Ramification of universes bundles
> We will now examine the consequences of this hypothesis of mathematical
> universes <>
> trying
> to answer to some questions at the light of this hypothesis.
> According to this hypothesis, the existence of an infinity of infinite
> mathematical models would then imply the existence of an infinity of
> parallel universes. We can suppose that, among this infinity, a part of
> models and corresponding universes are sufficiently near so that the
> difference is not perceptible. We could then say that we exist in all of
> these universes. But it is possible (by "butterfly effect") that at a
> later
> time, the differences become perceptible. A "ramification" of this
> "bundle"
> of universes would then happen, like in the many worlds hypothesis
> <> proposed to
> explain the wave function collapse in quantum physics. According to this
> hypothesis, if the position of some particle is described
> probabilistically
> by a wave function, and if we make an observation which gives a precize
> position, collapsing the wave function, a "ramification" of the universe
> would happen, and the particle would have different positions in the
> different universes resulting from this ramification. According to the
> theory of the ramification of universes bundles, the universes would be in
> fact already virtually separated before the observation, but this
> separation
> would become perceptible only after. This also agrees with some theories
> according to which the apparent non-determinism of quantum physics would
> be
> caused by the fact that this theory does not describe the ultimate reality
> but is only an approximation, and then there would always remain a
> non-determination that we could eliminate with a more precize theory, but
> which would be still an approximation, and so on indefinitely.
> The ramification of universes bundles brings a new lighting on spirit
> <>,
> non-determinism, perception and free will.
> The ramification of universes bundles also permits to explain very simply
> <> the
> principle
> of formative causality
> <> without
> use
> of a propagating morphic field.
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