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Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 15:24:01 -0000

I explain why "the world presents the appearance of a time-evolving one"
using the weak anthropic principle: we can onle 'exist' in a world which
presents the appearance of a time-evolving one. I deny categorically that
anything is more objective than anything else. And I use Ockham's razor to
slash anyone who disagrees with me.

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> >EVERYTHING is subjective. Nothing is meaningful without an observer
> >choosing to see it by glancing at the block universe from an angle of
> >subjective choosing. Time does not flow. Nothing happens unless someone
> >strings the snapshots together in such a way as they see things happening
> -
> >we creatures in time can do no other.
> >
> >So it is MEANINGLESS to think of 'choice' or 'determinism'. Two
> meaningless
> >words can be as compatible as you like.
> I share this point of view. However even if everything is somewhere
> subjective, there are definitely some things more objective than others.
> It's easier for me to measure your mass ( and to be in accordance with any
> observer about it) than your conscious state ; more generally you must
> explain why the world presents the appearance of a time-evolving one,
> following definite physical laws. There MUST be some structure behind that
> (maybe Bruno's number theory, although it is for me questionable).
> Solipsism for example doesn't give any justification for that.
> Gilles
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