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"Kim Jones" <> said
> "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsch (Hodder and
> 1995) is "a bloddy good read" as we like to say here in Australia

I think myself that one problem with such books is that they are very
Christian oriented. I recently heard a lecture by David Tacey (Latrobe
U, Melbourne) which really sounded as if it had a lot of good ideas
buried in it and was reasonably broad minded. Probably both his books
and those of Walsch are well worth reading by anyone with the time.
Then I read details of his stuff on the Web. It was simply Christian,
little more. e.g. no Hinduism, which I actually prefer generally to
Christianity at this time. I felt 'let down'. And Moslems, Buddhists,
extreme agnostics and freethinkers might well feel 'let down' also,
just as I did. No blame to Tacey, but Christianity is now a rather
minor religion, relatively speaking. That is probably another good
reason for Bruno to keep dogmatism out of any serious spiritual work
if he contemplates writing it. But one only has to look at the current
cartoon riots to see that these matters are important. Many people
just do not see it. As for example the fact is that many honestly
consider the prophet Mohammed to have been a pedophile That is a fact
occurring in very many cartoons but NOT the Danish ones, e.g. the fact
is referred to in , a cartoon-free URL, I think,
incidentally. There is elsewhere on the web a picture of the prophet
Mohammed with a large erection with a frightened small child who is
going to be forced to submit etc. etc., the cartoon is enough to make
a Christian to want to murder any Moslem or anyone who could support
Islamic ideas and it could well be fair comment. Maybe the Moslems
have guilty consciences and that is one reason for their protests.
These matters are certainly unsavory but writing a book on theology
without dogma is worth considering. Worse could be said about
Christians. The gospel according to Mary Magdalene is becoming more
popular nowadays, as well as the apparently common buggery by priests
and bishops of one another and small boys.That is almost a clerical
joke by now! One feels like saying after a service, 'Poor sermon
today, weren't you buggered by the Bishop last night?'. All most
unseemly, Sodom and Gomorrha definitely come to mind. And indeed so
does global warming and the lack of Church efforts in that regard.
Instead the fools trifle with frivolities. They want Sodom and
Gomorrha, it seems, and that is probably what they will get.
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