follow-up on Holographic principle and MWI

From: Danny Mayes <>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 11:47:49 -0400

Considered from a MWI perspective, space-time is expanding to fill a
volume not only of spatial dimensions, but of time. We consider time to
move in a "line", because we APPEAR to be stuck stuck on a single time
path. Of course, we really know through MWI we are on some number of
overlapping, identical paths. However, the point is that space-time is
expanding not only to fill the volumes of space, but to fill a volume of
time. By volume, I mean all the possible paths the multiverse can
evolve into. Considering just time, if you add up all the possible
time-lines evolving out from the big bang, it can be imagined as an
expanding sphere proceding out in conjunction with the spatial
dimensions. This time-sphere encompasses the multiverse, whereas a
single time line encompasses a single universe. Therefore, Bruce's idea
that the information contained in a volume of space constitutes
multiverse processes makes sense, because the expansion of the time
dimension would be proportional to the expansion of the spatial

 From the time dimension perspective, we are very much therefore like
the flatlanders- stuck in a 3D + 1D limited to a single line world that
is really a fully 4D world. That seems to explain the holographic
principle from a MWI perspective.

Danny Mayes
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