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From: David Kwinter <>
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 17:55:28 -0700

Hi Nick,

I asked a question in a thread "Quantum accident survivor" some time ago
where, at least in my mind, it was concluded that we can indeed be removed
from loved ones each time we survive a situation that was clearly deadly in
most cases and that one's consciousness is "nudged" away from the time-lines
which end in death. In a strictly interhuman relationship manner we do end
up alone. However QI is far from accepted. If this is what we are going to
settle on believing then it follows that for us to actually be immortal some
physical processes must account for the continued survival of our bodies, no
matter how far fetched/improbable. So you would have to believe that in the
next 10s of years (depending on how old you are) remarkable biotechnological
breakthroughs would need to occur to prevent death of old age. This seems
unlikely. My thoughts then turn to what about those people who were born and
died 1000s of years ago? Did their consciousnesses go down paths of
immortality? Also will every conscious being living with a serious injury
(broken spine) be cured?

I'm not convinced either way, but it's fun to think about.

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> My apologies to the group for bringing up questions which may have
> been covererd before but I cannot find an answer to the following
> query and I am new to the group.
> I have a question to put to anyone who has some ideas as follows:
> If the MW immortality is correct then would we not only be immortal but
> also very alone in the end. We know that we observe others die so
> since we always find ourselves in a branch of the multiverse where we
> live on - the conclusion seems inescapable
> Can anyone figure a way out of such inevitable eternal loneliness
> because I rather like to chat to my freinds!!
> Nick Prince
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