Re: An All/Nothing multiverse model

From: Hal Ruhl <>
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 13:56:49 -0600

Hi Jesse

You wrote:

>>>Well, what I get from your answer is that you're justifying the idea
>>>that the All is inconsistent in terms of your own concept of "evolving
>>>Somethings", not in terms of inconsistent axiomatic systems.

Just the reverse. The evolving Somethings inevitably encompass the
inconsistencies within the All [all those inconsistent systems [self or
pairwise] each with their full spectrum of unselected "meaning". That is
why the Somethings evolve randomly and inconsistently.

>>>But in this case, someone who doesn't believe (or understand) your own
>>>theory in the first place need not agree that there's any reason to
>>>think a theory of everything would involve "everything" being inconsistent.

I do not believe in TOE's that assume structures such as just an Everything
thus yielding a theory with that assumption as irreducible
information. After all where did that come from?

I do not believe in TOE's that assume a dynamic such as computers
simulating universes without a justification for a dynamic.

I do not believe in TOE's that start with the natural numbers - where did
that info come from?

If you select a particular meaning out of its spectrum of possible meanings
and assign it to a system is that not even more information in any such TOE?

My approach solves these issues for me and has only few small prices to pay:

Computer simulations or other dynamics will suffer random input. But so
what? For example a CA that tends to an attractor can be stabilized in a
reasonably self similar behavior off the attractor with the right amount of
random input. Such an input to a universe is a decent explanation for an
accelerating expansion of that universe given a max info storage and a
fixed or increasing susceptibility to such input per unit volume.

One could not do a statistical extract of information [there is none] say
re why we find ourselves in this particular kind of universe. But again so
what? Why would that be a believable expectation of a TOE in the first
place? All universes over and over is in my belief system more satisfying
and may be able to put some handle on ideas such as "self aware" and "free
will" etc. at least for me.

As to the individual beliefs, understandings, or needs of others I can not

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