Errata (for "the origin of physical laws)

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 12:26:49 +0200


In the second paragraph of the "physics and sensations" section
of my paper "the origin of physical laws and sensations" I made
a rather stupid error (what a shame!).

Indeed I say "Note that neither G nor G* does prove it
[where it is for Bp -> -B-p]". This is ridiculous, because
G* proves Bp->p, for any p, and thus G* proves B-p -> -p,
and thus (by contraposition) G* proves p->-B-p, and by
propositional calculus Bp->-B-p.
Worst, my justification was that Bf->B-f (where f = false).
This is correct, but I infer from that that Bf->-B-f is not provable by G*.
But G* proves both Bf->B-f and Bf->-B-f, that is Bf->f.

The error has no consequences for the rest of the paper, but
still, why did I wrote that???

Please, don't hesitate to ask ANY questions, so that perhaps
other errors will be single out.
You can also propose more general
critics. Don't be shy. (You can also ask questions about FU).

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