Re: Tegmark is too "physics-centric"

From: CMR <>
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 20:20:34 -0800

> My guess is that that physical theory (and that subset of computations
> or computed states) would end up being proven to
> be essentially equivalent to the physical theory of OUR universe. In
> other words, I believe in parochialism, because
> I believe everywhere else is a devilish, chaotic place

Perhaps, but hydro-thermal vents are rather devilish locales relative to our
raher narrow comfort zones.

> You can't just say "there could be life and sentience in this
> (arbitrarily weird) set of constraints" and then not bother to
> define what you mean by life and sentience. They aren't self-explanatory
> concepts. Our definitions of them only apply
> within universes that behave at least roughly as ours does.

Fair enough. How about, say, if a given universe can harbour phenomena that
meet at least this criteria:

"Life is the result of the non random replication of randomly varying
replicators" (Dawkins)

Then the possibility of emergent sentience can be entertained, IMHO.

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