Re: "spooky action at a distance"

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Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 23:04:06 +0100

Norman Samish:

> This is unsatisfying.

Yes. It is also called the "conspiracy"
between QM and SR.

> I would like to hear speculations on non-locality.

There are many in QM. I mean many non-localities.
In example the famous 'collapse', the 'Aharonov-Bohm' effect
(also with neutral particles), the EPR non-separability, and
there are non-localities involving time (interferences in time,
quantum beats, Franson interferometers, etc.), and also
effects, like the 'delayed choice', possibly related to
the 'block universe', or 'holism', or 'wholeness', or
time-like non separability.

And there are also 'delocalizations'(non just superpositions)
in the 'weak measurement' approach (measurements which give
little information).

And there are - how can I say? - topological (?) non-localities
too. Imagine a two-slit apparatus. You can also think this
two-slit apparatus as a 'superposizion' of two *physical*
complementary *pieces*. Not just hole 1 + hole 2. But something

matter void
void + matter
matter void

of course with the right measures and shapes! Now imagine
to locate one piece in a location and the other piece in
another location. You get a sort of 'non-local' two-slit
apparatus. Now if a photon beam goes through one of those
pieces above and a correlated photon beam goes through the
other piece you get an interference effect, due to the
'non-local' two-slit apparatus.

Of course all the above are not 'speculations' about
non-locality but performed experiments, showing
several faces of non-locality.

For useful speculations you can also read the Bohrian
and instrumentalist Asher Peres (no physical collapse)

and the 'philosopher' Suarez (a-temporal quantum)


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