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> We are told that string theory needs 11 dimensions - could it be, for
> example, that there is another dimension in which the entangled particles
> are adjacent to each other?
> Norman

Of course here we are speaking of spooky actions as possible
*physical* effects, involving, or not, superluminal informations.

So we are not speaking of spooky actions as *epistemological*
effects (such as Rothstein, Page, Hardy, Peres, Cerf, Mermin,
etc. described many times, and also Bohr, but in obscure terms).

An interesting way of accepting *physical* non-locality
(better, non-separability) has been proposed by Ne'eman
[Found. Physics, 16, (1986), 361]. Ne'eman assumes that
gauge theories should be regarded as geometric constructs,
that is to say fiber bundle manifolds. One can construct
a strongly correlated manifold (called principal fiber
bundle) in which a structure group have global characteristic,
such that operators are non-localized. Ne'eman says that
what makes QM so weird is just our habit to visualize
events in the usual space, and not in abstract spaces.

Another possibility is that one suggested by Feynman
[Int. J. Theor. Phys., 21, (1982), 467] and Mueckenheim
[Phys. Rep., 133, (1986), 337] and Scully, Walther, and
Schleich (1994), that is to say the 'negative probability
solution'. This solution, imo, is something in between
the *physical* and the *epistemological*. But it is not
new. Dirac [Proc. Roy. Soc., 180A, (1941), 1] wrote
"Thus negative energies and probabilities should be
considered simply as things which do not appear in
experimental results."

And of course there is also Costa de Beauregard's
theory about retrocausation, and many more similar
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