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Dear Joao,

     Is this the statement of a person that bases their belief in faith or


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> Speaking as a devout Platonist I see nothing much to contemplate
> in Deutsch's statement! Whether the Universe is computable, as
> he states without argument, or the computable subrealm of the
> mathematical world coincides with the physical, which he
> believes for unstated reasons, is of no concern to me or any
> self-respecting Platonist. The Realm of Forms is entirely
> separate from the physical universe which is nothing but
> an inept and corrupt model of it. Our physical theories,
> and Deutsh's speculations are even crappier versions of
> that model which capture nothing but mere glimpses of
> the Platonic World and thus are destined to be surpassed.
> Computation may be indeed a fairly acceptable measure
> of our ineptitude to see into Platonia: that is a plausible
> hypothesis. But the fact that we know of the realm of
> the uncomputable and that we can access its truths
> irrespective of our finite computational capabilities
> is an entirely more profound statement than any of
> Deutsch dubious speculations...
> -Joao Leao
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